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Imperiale Green


Hotel Imperiale Rimini & SPA cares for next generations
The awareness of creating today the environment of tomorrow is the aim of our acts. Because of this, we implement measures that ensure the highest level of guests comfort according to eco-sustainability standard.

Efficiency and energy saving

Hotel has a photovoltaic system, which covers 25% buildings’ electricity demand, and our suppliers use of 80% renewable energy

In 2021 we replaced the central water supply and the heating system to reduce waste.
60% of the hotel area is covered by home automation and will reach 100% by the end of 2023.

Our daily effort

We choose to use amenities in daypacks and green packaging to cut down on waste production.
We prefer beverages in glass bottle to reduce waste volumes and make separate collection easier.


We use Diversey “Sure” Line cleaning products to guarantee the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene minimizing the use chemical products.


By utilizing QR codes and digital media for communication, we reduce the usage of paper. In bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, we only use recycled or recyclable biodegradable paper.


High standards for food safety are only feasible with environmental preservation. We favour the use of low raw materials from nearby areas. Traditional products inspire our cuisine and we cooperate with local suppliers.
Manufacturing and storage methods are designed to be efficient and waste free as possible.


Sustainable tourism

We encourage guest to have eco-friendly and sustainable behaviour.

Through a special tag to placeon the door knob, all our guests can help us to reduce water consumption
and save energy and detergents.

Our reforestation projects

A totally organic orchard is growing near Palermo. By planting here you will help create new jobs, ensuring a positive environmental and social impact.


You will help preserve the mangrove forests in Madagascar, a unique ecosystem that would otherwise be lost, thus supporting local communities.


Thanks to the olive tree you are about to plant, we are regenerating Sulcis, in the south-west of Sardinia, an area that has been abandoned for a long time and has a high unemployment rate.


Together we will reforest some areas of New South Wales affected by the fires. By choosing this project you will favor the rebirth of the local ecosystem.


The plantation sites are located around the community forests from the Nawalparasi mountain district, the floodplains of the Terai region and around the Chitwan National Park to develop a thriving ecosystem and employ the local people.


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