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Imperiale Bistrot

bistrot imperiale

Get excited at every taste.

A gastronomic journey that enhances all the senses, where tradition meets the

Let’s experiment, Innovate and Reinvent!
With the aim of thrilling with every bite, to also travel with taste.

Restaurant hours
The restaurant is open every day

from 19 p.m to 22 p.m.

the menu

Contemporary cuisine is the basis, gourmet and classic merge. The main character is the
taste, in which the essence of “Made in Italy” is perceived in every element that composes it.

Guests are accompanied on an exceptional journey through the unique and refined flavors of the
Peninsula, personalized by the creative flair of our chef.

Chef Gino Cecconi

The revolutionary idea of ​​cooking at the base of Bistrot Imperiale bears the signature of chef Gino
Cecconi, who lent his talent, his technique, and his passion for the materials
quality raw materials to the universe of Hotel Imperiale.

Originally from Naples, he has been able to combine loyalty to his Neapolitan roots with
reinterpretation of Italian flavours. Rewriting the culinary tradition with a touch of inspiration
creative, remaining faithful to its goal: to enhance the greatness of “Made in Italy”.

The chef has personally designed the menu, with the aim of making you embark on a journey of
taste that enhances all the senses. Of discovery of raw materials and ingredients of Italian excellence.

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