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Green paths

Take a walk in the green side!

1. Rupe path

Just next to the funicular station in Camoe della Fiera (Borgo Maggiore), you can find signposts of the circular hiking trail called the Cliff Trail or Sentiero della Rupe that goes around Mount Titano, through the forested hillsides under the three towers. It’s not a long hike, just a few km up in the forest, but there are some quite steep climbs and the weather in the woods can be both hot and humid. There are some beautiful views on the way, and you will walk past impressive rock formations and below and above steep cliffs. There are some stairs and climbs with the help of ropes, so this trail is neither cycling-friendly, nor for those with severe fear of heights. The trail then leads to Piazzale Kennedy, from where you can continue past the fortresses and towers and along the city walls all the way to the old town. The first tower you’ll see is the Torre Montale, from where the paths continue towards Castello della Cesta and along the city wall to the Guaita Fortress and the city center. After exploring the town, you can continue back down along a walking trail from the other end of the town, through Porta della Rupe.

2. Monte Cerreto – Gorgascura

San Marino Republic path n.7. Departing from Montalbo
cemetery parking towards Monte Cerreto (450m), follow San Marino hiking path no. 7: an easy itinerary particularly recommended for children. Besides, nearby there is also the San Marino Adventures park ( With no effort, you get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes around Monte Cerreto and a grove. From there, through the locality of Gessi, join Gorgascura path no. 5 to reach Gorgascura waterfalls. Keep on walking towards Canepa mills, then take the Gualdaria street to come back to Montalbo cemetery. Download app Cammino del Titano for more information.

3. Monte San Bartolo Natural Park

Path n°4: Sentiero Vallugola The route begins from a little parking, nearby Case Badioli. Take an unpaved road that initially climbs gently, and then becomes steeper, turning into a real path; cross uncultivated fields, enjoying a wide panoramic view of the hill and the sea. From the highest point, keep on walking towards Vallugola Bay, crossing the panoramic road up to the crossroads to the small port; going down again, about 200 meters, on the right, take the white road; cross the wood, with a view of the sea, and reach the large lay-by at the edge of the shoreline .

4. Cresta dei Tausani

Beautiful route, not very demanding but highly panoramic through what are called “the small Dolomites of Valmarecchia”. Walking through woods and paths that skirt the starting and ending points of the various rock routes on the eastern side of the chain. On the way back, the ring passes by the Balconi di Piero (rocky protrusions from where it is possible to admire the panoramas painted by Piero della Francesca in some of his works) and by the Convent of Sant’Igne, which some sources describe as founded in the XIII century by St. Francis of Assisi.

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