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On the trail of Fellini

Whether or not you are a film buff, during your stay in Rimini take the opportunity to visit the places that marked the childhood of one of the greatest masters of the seventh art, Federico Fellini. Your itinerary may begin at the park named after him, located just a few meters from theHotel Imperiale Rimini & SPA.

Federico Fellini Park

Parco Fellini Rimini

Federico Fellini Park is a historic site of Rimini’s social life, whose atmosphere is echoed in many of the Maestro’s works. The renovation of this green area bears the signature of Pietro Porcinai, a well-known landscape architect and protagonist of Italy’s 20th century, who carried out projects in Italy and abroad that earned him national and international recognition.

The Fellini Museum

Continuing to the historic center of the city, you will encounter the Fellini Museum. It is a diffuse museum that takes shape in the three separate locations of Fulgor Palace (where the cinema of the same name made famous by the film Amarcord), Castel Sismondo (the fifteenth-century fortress commissioned by Sigismondo Malatesta) and Piazza dei Sogni, which acts as a link between the Fellini route and another great protagonist of Rimini art and architecture: the Teatro Galli, inaugurated in 1857 by Giuseppe Verdi and designed by Luigi Poletti (at the time among the greatest representatives of Italian neoclassicism).

Cinema, what a passion!

Museo Fellini Rimini

In the Fellini Museum you will have the opportunity to move among drawings and multimedia installations that tell the story of his work and life, as well as costumes and props that have now entered the history of cinema, in an evocative journey that tells and enhances the art of one of our greatest directors.

Borgo San Giuliano

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity for a walk in Borgo San Giuliano, an ancient fishing village very dear to Fellini, among whose streets stand out murals dedicated to the works of the great master of Italian cinema.

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