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The combination food&wine, i.e. food e wine, characterizes Emilia Romagna, its cities and Rimini in particular.
Thinking only of piadina, squacquerone cheese e parmesan cheese is really reductive compared to a land that offers a varied selection of excellent products.

Emilia Romagna, in fact, holds a record food and wine important: 19 products recognized with the PDO designation and 25 with the PGI such as, for example, thebalsamic vinegar of Modena or the mortadella of Bologna.

Romagna Food

The Romagna foodis a riot of aromas, flavors and colors rooted in the peasant and seafaring traditions of Romagna, one of the most appreciated and representative regions of Italian cuisine.

Its agri-food products are internationally recognized for food safety, identity and the stories they carry.
Each city or town in Emilia Romagna, in fact, boasts a wide selection of foods that enrich the list of regional specialties to be absolutely tasted.

Rimini's typical products

Romagna’s food and wine tourism can count on some delicacies that are worth knowing about to bring back a little piece of Romagna and flavors that conquer the palate.

  • Piadina romagnola
  • Salumi e insaccati di Mora romagnola
  • Squacquerone cheese
  • Scottadito sardines
  • Pesce azzurro di Rimini
  • Cappelletti in broth
  • Coniglio in porchetta
  • Brodetto
  • Ciambella riminese
  • Colli di Rimini DOC Sangiovese Superiore

In Rimini it is also a must to taste ice cream, which saw its consecration here with the birth of the first ice cream parlors in the 1940s. It is no coincidence that one of the most important trade fairs in the industry is held in Rimini itself: the Sigep.

Food and wine tours around Rimini

Romagna is a land where the culinary tradition is nationally and internationally recognized. Per questa ragione i turisti che visitano questa regione possono conoscerla anche nei prodotti tipici di paesi o borghi nei dintorni di Rimini.

This is the case with the pit cheese from Sogliano and Salamello, the white truffle of Sant’Agata Feltria, the bread of Maiolo, the Bustrengo romagnolo (e’ bustreng) and many other specialties. And, speaking of ice cream, a visit to the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, the only museum dedicated to the history of ice cream located in Anzola Emilia (BO).

Where to eat in Rimini

In città è possibile creare dei veri e propri itinerari del gusto. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the typical cuisine of Romagna. In recent years, moreover, kiosks that are emblematic of Rimini street food have become increasingly important. Here you can (de)taste local excellences such as. piadinas, fish skewers o herb cassoni.

When visiting Rimini or Emilia Romagna, a food and wine tour to discover regional products is a must

Good food gives emotions, pleasant feelings, journeys into uncharted territories.

Bistrot Imperiale, the restaurant of the Hotel Imperiale, offers dishes in which gourmet and classic come together to allow the palate to savor all the richness of Made in Italy and the excellence of Made in Romagna.

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