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In the 1990s, with the birth of the Rimini Wellness, the Romagna city became a symbol of physical well-being thanks to this kermesse dedicated to fitness, sports, body building e healthy nutrition.

Moreover, Rimini, in addition to being equipped with many facilities and spaces for outdoor and indoor sports, often receives grants aimed at promoting sports practices and active clubs in the area.

Between sport and wellness in Rimini

Accenture, in September 2022, released a study showing that consumers consider fitness an essential spending category because it is considered a good that improves physical health.
This is probably why many people also like to keep fit while on vacation, and the Romagna Riviera offers many opportunities.

Rimini and sport's places

Rimini lends itself to be experienced by lovers of sports and the outdoor life thanks to numerous locations perfect for fitness enthusiasts, trekking, cycling, motorcycling, but also for those who want to participate in indoor or sea sports such as, for example, the surfing.
Here are some of the places most frequented by sportsmen.

  • Rimini Beach
  • Rimini waterfront
  • Sea Park
  • Square on the Water
  • Kennedy Square Terrace
  • Bicipolitana
  • Waterfront Cycle Path
  • Deer Park (skateboarding track)
  • Spot Points (Gnassi Point, Rock Island, the Two Stakes, the Wharves, the Remedy, the Ganges, Poverick)

Ѐ it is also possible to say that in Rimini there is a sports center quasi per ogni disciplina. In città, infatti, oltre alle palestre, there are facilities for athletics, martial arts, baseball, biliardo, bowling, calcio, diving, nuoto, equitazione, skating, tennis, and also pesca sportiva.

Rimini and cycling

Rimini riserva una particolare attenzione al ciclismo e al motociclismo. Se a quest’ultimo sport è dedicato persino un museo (Museo Nazionale del Motociclo), cycling is given great importance, and the area is perfect for professional and amateur cycling. Non a caso la cosiddetta Bicipolitana è un percorso di oltre 120 km che comprende strade pianeggianti della costa e del centro storico, ma anche saliscendi della collina e, naturalmente, l’anello verde della città che da Marina Centro giunge al Palacongressi.

The Sea Park in Rimini: a new way of doing sports

The Rimini Sea Park originated from a waterfront redevelopment project and is 16 kilometers long. This initiative, which responds to the new leisure needs and the city’s strong commitment to sports, saw the setting up of the piazzette di comunità (spazi in cui sono presenti workstation) e le isole fitness. Questi spazi all’aria aperti dedicati all’attività fisica si suddividono in functional, with equipment that can be used by all athletes, and calisthenics, that is, suitable for the most trained athletes.

Thus, the islands are home to equipment such as jumping boxes, parallel pull-ups, wall bars, rings and more to enable many types of workouts.

Hotel Imperiale is not far from Rimini’s most important tourist attractions: Malatesta Temple, Arch of Augustus, Roman Amphitheater.

A fitness stay in Rimini

There are many guests in Rimini for vacation, work or business who cannot give up their workouts and sports. Important, therefore, to stay in an accommodation that has a gym or is at least close to indoor or outdoor facilities where you can train.

TheHotel Imperiale Rimini has an indoor gym, a swimming pool and a SPA. It is also in a prime location: right in front of the facility is one of the fitness islands of the Parco del Mare and it is just a short walk from the waterfront and the beach.
The hotel, therefore, is the perfect place for yoga practitioners, for runners who like to run while listening to the sound of the sea, and for athletes.

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