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When you think of Rimini, one associates this Romagna city to the sea, to the movida and to the events fairs. In reality, Rimini is much more than that: it is art, history e culture. In the city of la dolce vita, in fact, there are so many sights, monuments and artistic and scenic beauties that make it a place to be discovered to admire.

The cultural places of Rimini

Rimini is a fascinating place to explore. Places of culture and art trace the history of this city, Ariminum, founded by the Romans in 268 BC. Over the centuries, then, it was a Byzantine possession, a municipality, a lordship of the Malatesta, territory of the Papal States. Each historical period, of course, has profoundly affected Rimini’s history, urban fabric, works, monuments and art. The city, moreover, since the 1900s has been inextricably linked to Federico Fellini and his masterpieces cinema.

The must in Rimini

A vacation in Rimini is not only about sea and nightlife, but also a time to increase one’s knowledge by admiring some of the works that have made it famous in Italy and around the world.

Here are some must-see monuments or structures:

  • Historical center of Rimini
  • Tiberius Bridge
  • Arch of Augustus
  • Malatesta Temple
  • Cavour Square
  • Surgeon’s Domus aka the Pompeii of Rimini
  • Museo Fellini (MF)
  • Museum of the City “Luigi Tonini”
  • Borgo San Giuliano Neighborhood
  • Theme parks

Rimini and the art of mosaics

Rimini has undergone historical and cultural influences over the centuries that have made it the benchmark of mosaic art.
In Roman times it was already an important artistic center, because there were schools specializing in the production of ceramics, bronzes, and pottery. The numerous mosaic floors also testify to a strong link between Rimini and this artistic technique visible in many Roman-era domus and in the City Museum.

A stay in Rimini between culture and art

Rimini, therefore, is an area that has so much to offer as it has a vast cultural and historical heritage.

A trip to Roman, medieval, Renaissance, artistic and cinematic Rimini needs a strategic foothold. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in a hotel near the main points of interest in the city.

Hotel Imperiale is not far from Rimini’s most important tourist attractions: Malatesta Temple, Arch of Augustus, Roman Amphitheater.

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